3306 Vail Ave. | Redondo Beach | 90278
Architecture: DeMaria Design Associates

Built 2006; 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 3,200 square feet

This home is an upcycled steel shipping container-based residence that also employs a combination of conventional stick frame construction and prefabricated assemblies. These materials result in an end product that is affordable and nearly indestructable. The modified containers are mold proof, fire proof, termite proof, structurally superior to wood framing and along with various other components come together to create a system/kit of parts that is predicated on cost savings, construction time savings, and energy/environmentally conscious priorities. This home has been part of feature films as well as published and exhibited internationally.

“Very little in the world actually changes, you simply change the way you look at things. Each of our residential projects is a direct extension of our clients. Their personalities are a driving force in all of our creative endeavors. We’re interested in their hopes and dreams and creating a home that supports their lifestyles; embracing how they want to live and translating it into a sacred space they call home. Stylistically, we had no preconceived view of what this home should look like. We knew we wanted it to function for Anna and Sven. We started to arrange things to support what they wanted to do and how they wanted to live. The containers became a means to an ends.” – Peter DeMaria, Architect

Photography by Andre Movsesyan



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